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The Company: Intuitive Solutions is looking for people who love pizza and love working with people! They are a growing call service solution specializing in Pizza Hut order taking across the United States. Offering flexible schedules and a fun work environment with rewards and incentive programs, Intuitive Solutions would love to have you join their team.

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The Pizza Hut I.S. Agent . A New Way Of Working.
Pizza Hut IS Contract Home Agents work from their home office answering the calls for Pizza Hut’s nationwide. It is interesting, very flexible, part-time work that allows you create your own schedule from a range of available hours. As you will appreciate, home-based work has additional requirements and qualifications beyond those of just a conventional call center staff job. Therefore, please read through the The Work and What You Need sections of this site before you apply.

English Speaking And Bilingual Span/Eng Order Entry.

The Calls:

Pizza Hut Intuitive Solutions offers you the opportunity to use your great customer service skills from the comfort of your own home. Take simple Pizza Hut dine in, carryout, and delivery orders working a flexible schedule.

Target Earnings Range:

$7.50-$10.50 USD/hr : Rate per Order 55 cents.

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